Plenary & Invited Speakers

● Plenary Speakers

Prof. N. F. de Rooij

NEMS Based Tools for Nanoscience and Atomic Clocks
Dr. Paul W. K. Rothemund
California Institute of Technology, USA

Beyond Watson and Crick: Programming DNA Self-Assembly for Nanofabrication
Prof. Ching Ping Wong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG

Recent Advances on Nano-Materials for Advanced Packaging Applications
● Invited Speakers

Prof. Jeong-Soo Lee
Pohang University of Science and Technology, KOREA

Sensing and Noise Characteristics of Si-Nanowire Ion-Sensitive-Field-Effect-Transistors for Future Biosensor Applications
Prof. Zheng Cui
Chinese Academy of Science, CHINA

Printed Carbon Nanotube Devices and Their Applications
Prof. Xiangshui Miao
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CHINA

Nanopatterning by Phase Change Nanolithography
Prof. Litao Sun
Southeast University, CHINA

Atomic Resolution Nanofabrication and Dynamic Characterization